My B-day is the 8th yay!

My birthday is November 8th yay!


Season 2 is coming out soon! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol episode 12 came out and it totally rocked!!!!!!!So make sure to watch episode 1 of season 2 when it comes out on November 20th!!!!!!! I know it's been a while since I last posted here but I was busy so give me a break!!!!!!!


Yay Rob reposted the classic episodes on so I made links for them! :P




This is Rob he is the main "real" character in the show. All of his friends are gone he lost his soccer ball and he has nothing to do so he starts paying a role-playing game (RPG) with his friend Mike. (Eluamous Nailo) So the game is called Unforgotten realms and it is kind of like dungeons and dragons but much cooler. So they begin on an epic journey that is filled with jokes, action, and most of all kobolddddddddddddddds!!!!! (a random enemy monster)                                                                                   9/19/08


This is Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon. He is Rob's alter-ego in the game Unforgotten Realms! He is a gnome lumberjack (lol...sorceror) who is on a quest to save his dieing frandmother. He travels with his companion Eluamous Nailo (a mighty gnome wizard). On the journey of hilarious and random jokes that appeal to most-anyone he is able to meet 2 new comrades Petey and Jacque.Together the 4 are called the legendary heroes. Anyway he is the main character in the show and by my judgement the most funny.


Mike is Rob's geeky friend who is apparently very good at RPGs. He plays the role of Eluamous Nailo in the Unforgotten Realms game. Eluamous Nailo is kind of serious but the clash between the 2 peoples personalities makes the show so hilariously funny.:) Considering Rob is Mike's only friend Rob is Mike's best friend by deault. (lol poor Rob;) )                                                                  9/19/08

Eluamous Nailo

Eluamous Nailo is one of the 4 legendary heroes! He travels with Schmoopy, Petey, and Jacque to help out in the quest to save Schmoopy's dieing grandmother. He is smart, serious, and dedicated to the game.


Petey is Schmoopy's undead pet rat. He is also on of the 4 legendary heroes. He is poisonous and he knows hyperbeam And to think at first we thought the only reason he was here was solely for Unfrgotten Realms merchandise! Just kidding lol. You'll probably only get that joke after seeing the show.


Jacque is one of the legendary heroes as well. He is a french talking axe. He glows when danger is near AND when he is horny! lol think of the possibilities! Same as the show to understand the joke. Well actually you'd have to watch Urealms classic which is only found on youtube. (Its like a crappier graphics different plot sorta version of Urealms.Try looking for it on youtube.) But still watch the new series on the escapist or Rob (the creator doesn't get paid! Yes to avoid further questioning he is paid to do this.) Back to the topic Jacque can use mind control/telekinesis.                                   9/19/08

This is all I will go into detail with. Well with the characters anyway. I don't want to accidentally spoil the show for you thats why in case you're wondering.                                                      9/19/08